About Us

We are your number one manufacturer of anything latex or rubber related.

Our products are strong, durable and elastic which is processed using high quality materials. If you wish to make an order you may call us for details and order placement.

Inventive Elements

Our products are not just ordinary gloves or latex products. We’ve added a few elements that we are proud of – like heat resistance compounds, long lasting compounds.

High Tech Plants

We have high tech manufacturing plants all over our area. We’re able to produce 5,000 gloves a day.

Masif Background

We’re Masif, a manufacturer of latex or rubber products. We’ve been around since 2005 so we got years of experience in the industry. We started just only producing gloves but over the years the need for other rubber products were needed.
So we answered the call by producing other types of rubber related products with the help of our amazing R&D team.
And now we are one of the best manufacturer of rubber related products around.

Our Stats

Here are some of our progress.


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